Since 1961, the inception of O’Donnell Heating has significantly transformed the realm of HVAC services in not only Amherst, NY, but also surrounding regions. As a family-owned local business that has been serving our community with unwavering commitment, we’ve built our reputation on the pillars of reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to providing top-tier HVAC Services stands unmatched. We cater to a plethora of HVAC needs varying from installations, services, to maintenance and inspection routines. Each task is handled by our team of certified and proficient technicians who are well-versed with the latest practices and technology. This guarantees quality service and a substantial enhancement of your system’s lifespan.

Living in Amherst, NY, we understand the unpredictability that accompanies the seasons. Our premium HVAC services ensure your home’s heating and cooling systems are equipped to combat the most extreme temperatures, providing a comfortable environment year-round. We consider no job too big or small, whether it’s servicing traditional heating systems or advanced cooling systems, we pride ourselves in providing efficient, prompt, and affordable solutions.

In an age where service quality is commonly compromised for cost-effectiveness, our philosophy differs. We firmly believe in offering excellent services at competitive prices. Our customer-centric approach, in-depth knowledge, and vast experience in the industry have enabled us to deliver unmatchable quality, positioning us as a trusted name in the HVAC sector across Amherst, NY, and neighboring areas.

Join us at O’Donnell Heating in writing a fresh, more comfortable chapter in the history of HVAC services. With us, you’ll experience top-notch customer service, advanced technical solutions, and a warm or cool home, right when you need it. Because after all, your comfort is our business.