Nestled in the heart of Bartow, FL, the Payne Air Conditioning & Heating team begins each day with a salute to service. Their mission, carry forth their years of skill and genuine passion in Air Conditioner Service and Heating Service, to the community they care about. With a steely resolve, they transform everyone’s idea of true home comfort.

Meet the Warriors of Warmth

These are your A/C Service experts, the warriors of warmth in Winter Haven, the defenders of cool in Lakeland, and the sentinels of solace in Mulberry. They are always at the ready. Not only fluent in AC repair language but also in the softly spoken dialect of empathy. They work tirelessly to ensure nobody has to endure a summer in Auburndale without air-conditioning or a winter in Plant City without heating.

The Heartbeat of Our Homes

Their name maybe Payne, but they take away your pain. Equipped with their extensive expertise in Heat Pump Installation, they are the lifeline of every home – the unseen heroes of comfort. So here’s to the team that perseveres, making the world a more comfortable place, one home at a time.